Dental Emergencies in St. George, Utah

Dental emergencies such as injured soft tissues, broken teeth, failed restorations, or an avulsed tooth are some of the most common dental emergencies. Most of us would panic during such a scenario, which could deny us the first aid at the right time and increase the severity of the condition. Hence, it is crucial that we have a good idea about how to act quickly during such dental emergencies.

How can dental emergencies be handled?

Some of the common dental emergencies and the ideal way to handle them are as follows:

Damaged teeth: A bad fall, a hard blow to the mouth, or biting too hard on anything could damage the teeth. It can lead to broken, chipped, or cracked teeth, which can potentially expose the root canal to the microbes in the mouth. Moreover, the condition could be highly painful and result in bleeding as the nerves and blood vessels connected to the teeth can get disturbed. Hence, it is best to get the condition treated by a dentist at the earliest. Meanwhile, make sure you rinse the mouth with water and use a clean piece of gauze to control the bleeding while getting to the dentist.

Injured soft tissues: When the soft tissues of the mouth sustain injuries, such as bruises or cuts, the condition can get very painful and may even lead to infections. Place a piece of gauze on the injured area and apply pressure to stop the bleeding. You could also place a cold pack on the cheek to reduce pain and swelling. Visit a dentist at the earliest to get the condition treated.

Avulsed tooth: An avulsed tooth is one that is completely knocked off from the mouth. Patients who sustain a high-impact blow to the mouth could suffer from such an injury, such as in the case of sports-related accidents. If you manage to find the knocked off tooth, rinse it with clean water by holding the tooth crown. Avoid touching the tooth root as the bacteria on your hand could adhere to it and cause a microbial infection. Place it in a glass of milk and bring it along while visiting the dentist for an emergency consultation. If you're able to reach us within an hour of the incident, we may be able to put the tooth back in its socket and allow it to reattach to the surrounding tissues.

It is essential to keep your dentist's number handy so that you can reach out immediately in case of dental emergencies.

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